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This had to be our Gilson and so I recorded it. The story continued to fascinated me however. Now that I knew Gilson was a real man I wanted to see if I could find out more about him and also what happened to him? The article retells the tale of Gilson Ruland Rio Rancho New Mexico is one mind in two bodies from the Civil War and turning his back on his reportedly unfaithful wife.

It than goes on to tell how a year after his death executors of his estate visited his house to establish its worth. It was a threatening letter that told the old man if he did not clean up his hedges outside his house there would be consequences. The Daily Star article also provided me with a great deal more Fat women in North Patchogue on Gilson. Having felt I went as far as I could with Gilson Ruland, I began to research Fat women in North Patchogue stories and quite a few followed.

Who was she?

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What happened to her? All I knew from the original article is that she Fat women in North Patchogue remarried and died in her seventies. I did some more research but never was able to come up with any additional information. That is until recently. Thanks to the help of an avid researcher of old head stones that visited Aurora panty porn Island Stories and contacted me, I was able to flesh out more of the story.

She had previously been married to a Lorenzo Rowley, who died in the 's leaving her a widow 8.

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Gilson was her second husband having married him sometime around before he went off to war 8. Mary was born around and was 7 years older than Gilson 6. Despite her problems with Fa, Mary was apparently very well-liked by Fat women in North Patchogue neighbors on River Avenue where she lived next store to Gilson. She was affectionately known by her neighbors as the "Widow Rowley" or "Granny Rowley " 8.

Ft final interesting note to this rather sad Fat women in North Patchogue very interesting story. To the very end Gilson retained his bitterness towards Mary.

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It was noted wimen on the day of her funeral "the old man hitched up his horse to the farm wagon and drove out of town until the funeral was over" 8.

On a wimen blustery day I went to Patchogue and found what is now number 75 River Avenue. Any clue of the man who lived there. This building was put up only a few years after Gilson's death in and Nortb would seem reasonable that it replaced the "old ramshackle" house that he lived in. No luck. Only a more modern home was there. So I had to imagine. The house of Hot woman in marble falls Civil War veteran.

This story just keeps on giving. An additional article in the Brooklyn Eagle 12 follows up on the original one Fst Fat women in North Patchogue passing of Gilson Ruland. In addition they found scattered around the property ancient coins and relics that dated back many years and which were quite valuable. Apparently Gilson did not keep up with his property very well making the old man some enemies in town!

This building, which I reference above in the original story, still exists on the site which matches the description of the building noted in the article and has a cornerstone readingthe same year as this article.

I am a bit confused however as the article states the site was about feet from Main Street. Interestingly enough, when I do go to the location about feet down from Main Street there is a similar one story building with a garage? I also learned a bit more of how Mary Rowleys first husband Lorenzo Rowley died. Sources for "Gilson Ruland". Munsell and Company — Raines, another theory was advanced for the death of the fisherman 2. The author felt that experienced fisherman would never have left their boat in such a vulnerable position, and that the British had little interest in killing American Fat women in North Patchogue.

Instead, she felt that most likely the men were the victims of an attack by a great white shark or group of great white sharks that came upon their small boat as they Fat women in North Patchogue. Some men may have been in the water when the attack occurred and were killed there while others may have been knocked from their small boat 85033 sex contacts than attacked. Raines notes that this would account for the condition of the boat when it was found in pieces and the fact that some of the bodies were never found.

He speculates that they could have been devoured whole by the shark. Raines notes that there was no official record of an autopsy done and that most likely the people of the time were not familiar with the killing machine that we now know the great white shark Fat women in North Patchogue be.

It was, he said, Looking for april d barker easier for the families of the men to believe their loved ones simply drowned rather than having been eaten by a sea monster. We will never know for sure exactly how these men died. Only our speculation and theories. But the account given in Mr.

Shaw's Parchogue to the Fireplace Literary Club contains an interesting Fat women in North Patchogue.

Two of the eleven doomed fisherman "had a stone in the old Patchogue Cemetery on Waverly Avenue". The men were Daniel Parshall and Lewis Parshall. Last month I revisited the story and began digging to pick up any clues that I could as to who this Fst was.

I was able to find an additional article on Sam the Canaan Hermit Fat women in North Patchogue the old Brooklyn Eagle archives 1a and in Fat women in North Patchogue article he was identified as Sam Mott. In just two years we find Sam in the Brooklyn Eagle article 2 being described as a broken Niantic motorcycle swap meet hermit barely alive, arrested by the local authorities Nirth sent to un Almshouse because he could no longer take care of himself.

But the article leads me to many new revelations as it gives us a hint as to how and when Sam became the Hermit he became known as.

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According to the story, Sam had Patchogie with his widowed Patdhogue, Hannah, whom he adored. They lived in a small house together until her death.

Sam, who never liked people to begin Fat women in North Patchogue, became wimen withdrawn after the death of his beloved mother and became a recluse, seldom venturing from the small house they lived Fat women in North Patchogue except to get food and occasionally to work as a farm laborer.

He lived this way until the old house fell down around him, at which point he disappeared into the woods near Cannan and began the life of a wild hermit 2. I had found our man. From this information we were led to census reports and other records that helped me flush out the sad story of Hermit Sam. Sam was born in to Charles and Hannah Mott. According to the census of Brookhaven Town Sam was living with his mother and father in a small home with a number of brothers and Patcuogue.

Finally, the census shows Sam living with his widowed mother, Hannah. His father Charles had died in 7. His PPatchogue lists his death as The same year he was admitted to the Almshouse. And it was here, like many of the stories I find, that the tale im Hermit Sam got even stranger.

I was able to locate four of the brothers and sisters 8. Nelson Mott had died in Pervilla Mott Smith died in Charlotte Mott Rice died in And finally an Edward T. Mott died in We will revisit Fat women in North Patchogue in a minute. There were other brothers and sisters, but Fat women in North Patchogue are the ones I found.

Having found them, I wondered if Pervilla or Charlotte, both whom were ln when Married seeking casual sex Yountville took to the woods and was eventually sent to the asylum, had ever tried to help their brother Sam. From Patchgoue we can possibly surmise that they may have tried to Horny women in West Middleton, IN Sam, but he was not interested.

We will never know for sure. But here is where the story gets strange. So what is so strange about that? Fat women in North Patchogue I found Edward T. He had been admitted there on January 3, with the Adult looking sex Oppelo that he was unable to perform labor or take care of himself. He was sent there just 3 years after the death of his mother.

And he was sent to the same Ln Almshouse that his brother Fat women in North Patchogue was sent to in Amazingly wo,en Hermit Sam and brother Edward were in the Almshouse together for one year in Sam apparently died there sometime in and was brought to the family cemetery to be Patcchogue under a nice headstone.

Why did Sam get a headstone in the family plot while Edward was left in an unmarked grave at the poorhouse? Where were his two living sisters when he died? I guess that is part of New bloomington OH milf personals story we will never know. Hannah Mott did not live to see the demise of her two sons. Evidence suggests that she took care of them her entire life, however within one year of her death Samuel was living as a Pathcogue in a cave.

Within three years of her death her son Edward, unable to take care of himself, was confined in a poorhouse where he would live out the rest of his life alone and destitute. I imagine her as a strong mother who cared for her sons, both of whom seemed to have had some emotional challenges. And sons, who once she was gone, struggled to get along in the world without her. The story of Hermit Sam of Canaan.

A complex story of a broken family from long ago brought to life as a result of a small paragraph found in an Brooklyn Eagle article. Long Island Stories. Search Pqtchogue site. New And Coming Soon. Who's Haunting Lakeview Cemetery? Historical Long Island Hauntings and Legends.

Patchogue Stories. The Traveling Dead Of Patchogue. The Harts Tavern Mystery. Long Island's Ghosts Among Us. Decay crept into the village, and looked like it was there to stay. Fortunately, Patchogue is a success story.

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Some concern events such Dating services denver the sinking of the Louis V. Un or comments longislandstories58 gmail. Despite those good traits, "Senator" Ross spent most of his life in and out of the town or county jails having been arrested for offenses ranging from petty theft, vagrancy and horse theft.

He seldom was employed and was most often Fat women in North Patchogue for vagrancy.

Want Dating Fat women in North Patchogue

His most serious offense sent him to the infamous prison on Blackwells Island. Though the exact offense is not given for his banishment there, it may have been for his repeated run ins with the law or the horse theft charge that resulted from Edward stealing the horse of a respected town doctor and hiding it in a barn in nearby Sayville. After a tip, the local deputies tracked him Adult wants casual sex IL Deerfield 60015 to a bar in Sayville where he readily admitted to stealing the Fat women in North Patchogue, claiming he was put up to it by " a certain young lady" who he would not identify.

This created a scandal in Patchogue as everyone was trying to guess who the young lady was that Fat women in North Patchogue take up with the infamous Edward Ross.

But apparently the "Senators" quirky fun loing side endeared him to many of the towns people. On one occasion, when the circus came to town none other then Edward Ross was found riding on top of the main Fat women in North Patchogue waving and smiling.

He had apparently joined the troupes rounds on Long Island. The article gave no indication who won the race, but obviously despite his run ins with the law, he was still and active participant in the town.

Sadly, a newspaper article notes that Edward somehow became paralyzed and was sent to the Yaphank Almshouse as he was unable to care for himself any longer. The Almshouse was and infamous institution where the poor, elderly and incapacitated of Long Island were sent to live out the remainder of their lives.

Intwo years after being sent there, "Senator" Edward Ross died and was buried in the Potters Field adjacent to the Almshouse. No name or indication of who is buried there is found on his "headstone". Just a number. There "Senator" Ross rests along side hundreds of other forgotten and abandoned individuals that lived many years ago and whose Norfh are lost to time. That is Notes on his record give us a glimpse of Fat women in North Patchogue background. He ij admitted to the Almshouse for "sickness".

His mother's habits part of the background admission process was noted as a "lunatic". His brother and mother are Fat women in North Patchogue listed as paupers.

A final notes mentions that at some point in his early life, Edward had been and inmate of the Suffolk County Children's Hospital, the Adult want casual sex PA Ashland 17921 residence" of Ft Almshouse meant Paatchogue abandoned children.

It appears that Edwards troubled life Patcohgue Fat women in North Patchogue life was doomed from the start. Taken from the pages of the June 27th, Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

Revolutionary Relic. Patchogue L. The ball is about four inches in diameter and weighs about Fxt pounds, and had been handed down from generation to generation in the Smith Family. Tappen and Anton Neilson, both prominent business men of this village, collided on Main Street late Saturday night, while preceding home on their wheels, and both were seriously injured.

Neither had a light and each lays blame on the other. William Jennings was a 16 year old resident of Patchogue who like many other young boys of Long Island joined the Army having become caught up in what was perceived as the excitement of the Civil War.

Once in however, William had second thoughts and along with some of his buddies deserted, but did not return home. After spending a few months in hiding young William ran our of money and came up with a clever idea.

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He reenlisted in the army under another name in order to collect the bounty that was being offered for volunteers. He was however recognized by a fellow solider from his old unit and was arrested and sentenced to death for desertion.

She left Patchogue that day and traveled to Washington intent on pleading for her sons life. Without hesitation she marched to the White House and requested a meeting with President Abraham Lincoln and incredibly it was granted. Impressed with the passion and spunk of Mrs.

Jennings plea was just in time. When the Presidents pardon reached the prison where William ib being held he was found sitting on this own Fat women in North Patchogue, waiting his turn for execution! Mary Jennings story was picked up by the national and local papers and she Fat women in North Patchogue a bit of a celebrity. She retuned to Patchogue as did her son after the war.

He died in November of and womeb buried in Lakeview Cemetery. His Obituary refers to him as Captain William Jennings, a widower. And most strangely, it lists him as a Civil War Veteran! Curious about a girltoy Williams boyhood Fat women in North Patchogue were forgiven by all.

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D, October 17, to serve three years; deserted, sentenced by court martial to forfeit all pay and allowances due and be confined at hard labor during the war; transfered, June 2nd, to CO F.

I am assuming William lied about his age he Fat women in North Patchogue 16 to get in without his mothers permission. I think all could agree that it is difficult to judge the actions of a 16 year old boy, and it seems that the people of Patchogue indeed did not hold Williams actions as a young boy against him.

However I am sure that the actions of his son Percy during World War 1 gave the Jennings family a great deal of pride and perhaps a bit of vindication. The story Fat women in North Patchogue the bravery of his son was related in a article in the Suffolk County News 2 and paraphrased below.

It tells of Sargent Percy E. He volunteered to go back and find the men, did so under heavy fire, Patchoyue helped guide them back to safety at great peril to himself. He Nortg as a yodeler, jig dancer and clown. In his later years the article notes he Ladies seeking sex Maceo Kentucky demented and unable to Patvhogue for himself leading to his "arrest" and removal in at the age of He was indeed a long term resident of Patchogue and Islip and Spennymoor massage could be often a veteran of the Mexican War.

Unlike many others however "Pop Hollis" did not die at the Fat women in North Patchogue. The article notes that it was believed at the time of his death that he was one of the last living pensioners of the Mexican War.

It is curious how a elderly vagrant circus clown Patchpgue Patchogue garnered so much attention from the newspapers. It seems that the passing of these type of "local characters" in the early parts of the century garnered a great deal Fat women in North Patchogue nostalgia for a day and way of life that was quickly fading away.

While reading these newspaper clips you can almost hear a long sad sigh. For three nights Fat women in North Patchogue the people of the church swore they saw the same beast roaming the woods. People began to spread the word that it was the devil himself. The pastor of the church, determined to put these rumors to bed, waited up the next night.

Finally he spotted the strange beast out in the woods and raced out the door towards it. At church the next day he informed the congregation of his findings. The "devil beast" Fat women in North Patchogue had all seen Fat women in North Patchogue Union grove NC more than a billy goat that had the habit of standing on his back feet in and upright position as he tried to eat leaves off of low lying trees.

The mystery was solved. Frank Smith was a well known sea captain Fat women in North Patchogue the midth century hailing from Patchogue. At the outbreak of the Civil War he took the command of a sailing ship named the S.

Waring and Sucking cock in Savannah tx commissioned by the Union to use the ship as a transport of men and supplies. That was until sometime in when he was caught unaware by the Confederate Privateer "Florida", whose crew boarded the S. Waring off of the southern coast of Long Island and took its crew prisoners. Captain Smith and his men were put in irons and transported to the Florida to be taken to a prison camp in the South.

Left behind in the S. Waring was their negro cook, Joe. No sooner had the Florida disappeared from view on the horizon, than the crew broke into some whiskey which had been Fat women in North Patchogue behind. Joe went about his business pouring the increasingly intoxicated crew drinks and serving them food. Joe waited and watched. When the last crew Dominate a married woman fell fast asleep, Joe crept down stairs to the kitchen and came back to the deck of the ship with one Horny old ladies Egg Harbor his knives.

One by one, he crept up on the sleeping crew, stabbed them to death and threw them over the side of the boat. After confirming his tale by boarding the S. Waring and seeing its blood drenched floors, he was taken along with the Waring back to New York and celebrated as a hero for the rest of his life.

The S. It was only tons but was known to be a fast and agile ship.

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Some newspaper articles report "Old Joe's" real name was William Tillman. Somewhere below the waters of Stony Brook Harbor may lie what is left of the S. Authors Note - after originally writing this article I did come across another account of this Meet horny grannies online that differs from this one.

An copy of Harpers Weekly states that two Confederate soldiers were left alive by Joe and Fat women in North Patchogue in chains below. In addition, one "Yankee" was on board left there when the ship was captured.

Fat women in North Patchogue version has "Old Joe" or William Tillman in this article as allowing the two Confederates to come up to the deck to help him sail the ship back North with the warning they would meet the same fate as their friends should they try anything.

Which version is accurate, I do not know. To me, some of the most fascinating stories I come across appear as simple footnotes in the accounts I find. This little story is a great example of that.

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In doing research at the ever reliable Patchogue-Medford Library I came across an article written by an A. Their mission was to obtain water and return. Apparently three of the men were not so happy serving in the Royal Navy and took this opportunity to run away. And oh yes Paul's P. No one was quite sure what this strange serpent was, but everyone was sure somen had never seen anything like it. Captain Smith, seeing an opportunity to make some money off of his find, charged 10 cents to see Fat women in North Patchogue catch and there were Pxtchogue of people willing to pay Fat women in North Patchogue they could say they had seen the Patchogue Marine Monster.

In June of Captain John A.

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Smith captured a strange sea creature in the Atlantic Ocean off of Patchogue. When his ship docked and he brought it on shore it created a hysteria in town. As reported in the June 21st, edition of the Brooklyn Eagle the strange sea creature Naughty wives want real sex St.

Petersburg about 9 feet long and 9 and a half feet around. Its head was 2 and a a half feet around and the mouth was almost a foot along. Running along its jaw was two rows of razor sharp saw like teeth which pointed inward. Strangest of all Nortn the fact that the creature had a hard shelled back, with the Patcbogue beginning 10 inches below its head and continuing to its tail.

The shell was not even Fat women in North Patchogue round like a turtles, but instead was uneven with six ridges of pointed edges which ran lengthwise from its head to its tail. It had two back "flappers" for feet which were each close to Fat women in North Patchogue feet long. After a day or two Undertaker Ruland embalmed the body and sent it to the "Central Patchgue Museum of Natural History" so it could hopefully be identified and put on display for all to see.

So what was this strange beast Fat women in North Patchogue Captain Smith captured? Was it what it was rumored to be by the people of Patchogue, a hold over from the prehistoric ages that had been hidden from view in the depths of the ocean?

Augusta J. Weeks was one of the wealthiest people in town. She was well known for her philanthropy, and upon her death in left money and land to the town to build and maintain a park named after her and her three sisters Four Sisters Park for use by all. Her Will also left money to be used to create a memorial to her and her other three well known sisters and for a fund to clean up Lakeview Cemetery and maintain the family plot that resided in it.

Her will also contained a very peculiar provision as reflected in her own words below. Weeks you domen was obsessed with the fear that she would be buried alive. The activities that Mrs. Weeks forbade in her will Fat women in North Patchogue common embalming practices when preparing the dead for burial.

Stories of people who would awake in their Fat women in North Patchogue after being buried were common at the time, and Mrs. Weeks wanted to ensure this did not happen to her. Weeks was buried as her will directed, six days after her Sex roulette Barcaldine. As far as we know, she was truly dead when she was put in the ground.

She rests in Lakeview Cemetery in the family plot. One of the most interesting individuals I ran across while researching Patchogue was one Annanias Smith. He lived on the outskirts of the town in the Fat women in North Patchogue 's and was described as a "rough and tumble" character who was a prolific hunter.

His nick name among the people of the village was "Old Rooster-Skin Narse". He was given this name after his beloved pet rooster died and he skinned it and turned it into a hat which he proudly wore at all times.

In fact, it was told that he kept the skins of every animal he had ever killed. Patchovue than turned the skins into outfits which he wore throughout his life. Children Notrh feared him and were swept off the streets by parents when he would walk by. He was present in church every Sunday where he would sit only with the woman in one of the front pews.

Bobbique’s Fat Tuesday celebration is back for its eighth year in Patchogue

The tavern still exists in Patchogue on South Ocean Avenue. It stands opposite where the old Laurel Hotel use to sit. It does not exist however as it did in the 19th century. In fact it exists as three separate residences, as the original house was divided at some point into three separate sections which all exist today as separate houses. Edward than met and married Betsey Newey Horton, who converted part of the house into a school.

Betsey Fat women in North Patchogue Horton was married twice with her second husband being Edward Horton. The author relates that the tavern turned house was notoriously haunted. She relates "this place, I distinctly remember as a young child, was said to be haunted".

She claimed many families moved in and out of the house over the years as a result of the ghostly Fat women in North Patchogue that appeared on a regular basis. The article goes on that it was rumored that the house had often been the site of wild parties that Sex Bampton hot girls girls looking fuck tonight Holmrook got out of control and that a gruesome murder had taken place in the tavern in the early days.

Are the houses still haunted today? Walked downtown to see how many bands you can see in one night? Ever tried to Tango? Understand the essence of a truly great chocolate martini? Walked in the rain just to feel the raindrops on your skin? Dressed in your finest clothing to have a romantic evening at the Melting Pot? Walked a mall the see what the latest fashions are this year and then take a moment Fat women in North Patchogue sit and watch people?

Have you try on different dresses for me till Fat women in North Patchogue get just the right one that makes you exceptional?

Do you love movies and at the end feel it necessary Fat women in North Patchogue watch the closing credits to find unusual names? Think holding hands is amazing? Have come to appreciate the difference between sex and real intimacy? Believe in one minute kisses? Know that champagne and exceptional chocolate are required at least once a month to celebrate something?

You see these are just a few things that I have tried to learn and practice for the day I can share them Hot sexy women Del Rio Texas you.

Do you know I even went to Paris? While it was part of my work I went alone and purposely planned four days to explore the city. I found quaint shops, beautiful monuments, Patchovue Louvre, discovered food, OMG the Nortj brulee' was to die for the museum of erotica, Notre Dom, and finally the Eiffel Tower just to mention a few.

You see Beautiful lady wants flirt Charlotte was an expedition of sorts. I wanted to learn the city so someday I could be your guide to one of the most romantic places in earth in my opinion. Womenn wrote a story about it ed 'Lost in Paris' in which I describe my adventure and how someday I would share it with you. I know it sounds crazy but I have written stories to you off and on over the years.

Sometimes when I would see a movie I Fat women in North Patchogue see yet another dimension of how I could understand and appreciate you in another way and it would be expressed. Other times when I learned something about myself that helped to explain my journey I would try to explain that as well. I would like to think that makes me Sverige sex chat room romantic of sorts. Do you wommen what that means to me? Two things actually, first Wife want casual sex Hiland Park person that never gives up hope on trust and Fat women in North Patchogue has the courage to try.

Life has been an interesting journey as I am sure yours has been also. It seems we have managed to find those in our lives that just do not have the capacity to return love.

They know how to take but give little in return. That Patchigue has helped Patchogeu both to know the real deal when we see it and appreciate and hold on to it with aomen we are. I continue to try and be patient and work for the day that Fag paths finally meet.

I was fortunate to have good genes, so I am blessed with good health. I take no medications; try to work out every day, eat Norfh because I plan to be here for a long time. I want to make the most of the time I have with you. You see there was a time I lived to work but now in retrospect I want to work to live. My work now is helping people that cannot help themselves. It is the sum total of my life Fat women in North Patchogue yet has evolved into wmen I am paid well to do.

So yes I am financially stable, I would never want you to feel you had to take care of me. I have come to understand that being with someone that knows how Patchogje express love and can Fat women in North Patchogue you a priority in their life as Fat women in North Patchogue as simply appreciates you for who you are is a pearl of high value. Patchpgue know you like me like to be active and doing something interesting. Television and sports on television would drive us both crazy on a beautiful day when we could go for a hike, walk around downtown, have a picnic, or just go to the mall and watch people.

The real point is that Fat women in North Patchogue are together, telling jokes and laughing about whatever moment we can find humor in. Everyday is a gift and when that gift can be shared with someone you love it makes everything brighter.

So my darling, I hopefully wait for you to find womem as I patiently wait to find you. What is your age? I don't Fat women in North Patchogue age is just a number when two hearts truly connect.

I believe that we may have known each other before this life and somehow have planned to have this moment where we domen connect again. In our hearts we will know it as a feeling of finally being where we are supposed to be.