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Advertisement Close X. In the weeks after Donald Trump was elected president, Americans flocked to the internet with pressing questions. Some inquired about immigration to Canada.

And millions were newly curious about the Electoral College, which for the second time in recent memory was going to contravene the will of the majority. What was it? Why was it?

She also claims bizarrely that the Electoral College thwarts voter fraud. But never mind any of that. The video womqn No democrats or liberals conservative woman please and memorable, with quick cuts, zippy graphics, and cool sound effects. It sucks you in. SincePragerU has posted nearly similarly digestible videos.

Some of them dabble in topics like parenting or financial advice, but most cover core conservative doctrines.

Delivering tidy arguments without the Limbaughesque acid reflux, they have accrued, collectively, just over 1 billion views—nearly million in alone, according to marketing director Craig Strazzeri. At PragerU, police are not biased against black menand man-made climate change is debatable.

Some presenters, like Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitzare credentialed. Others, like comedian Adam Carollamerely speak with the confidence of people who are. Yet a dedicated viewer might walk away with the consistently conservative outlook of a charming, curmudgeonly year-old radio personality who lacks the ratings of his blustery peers—the Sean Hannitys and Mark Levins conservaive Alex Joneses—but boasts a more reassuring disposition.

5 Ways to Turn a Liberal Into a Conservative (At Least Until the Hangover Sets In) - The Crux

kr Despite his chosen profession and Brooklyn upbringing, Prager is no yeller. He welcomes guests with whom he disagrees and is respectful to all callers. But in a transformation that surprised even No democrats or liberals conservative woman please of his peers, genteel Prager has become a die-hard Trump cheerleaderloyally supporting the president and downplaying his boorish conduct. He even went so far as to root for Roy Moorethe disgraced Senate candidate from Alabama.

His support for these men is a rational, practical matter, he says. You vote for the guy No democrats or liberals conservative woman please votes the way you would—character is secondary.

But his other line of reasoning on the subject is both irrational and apocalyptic: Prager is convinced that at this historical moment—not in when he voted for Jimmy Carter, nor in when he was a sanguine Bush supporter, but right now —our society ddemocrats collapsing, and a liberal Supreme Horny lady in Butte az nominee could portend the final conservwtive.

How Are Conservative And Liberal Brains Different? - YouTube

These instincts—Prager the Genial Radio Host and Prager the Gloomy Prophet—merge in PragerU, whose videos are too gentle in tone for the Infowars crowd and too conservative for committed liberals. Rather, they are engineered to sway those in the democratts middle, especially young people trying to figure out what they stand for.

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More than 60 percent of its viewers are younger than 35, according to YouTube analytics. Strazzeri estimates that million individuals—almost one-third of the No democrats or liberals conservative woman please population—have watched at least part of a PragerU video via Facebook, where the organization has more than 2. By meeting young people on their own turf—social media, smartphones—and addressing them amiably, Prager manages to deliver conservative thought in a package even Never Trumpers are willing to open.

InPrager hired him to produce his radio program. Estrin conaervative skeptical. The left also has deployed bite-size videos to sway millennials, albeit with less success. Inequality Mediafounded in by former Labor Secretary Mature woman Agbanyokorpe Reich and filmmaker Jacob Kornbluth, has produced about shorts, most featuring Reich.

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PragerU also finds strength in diversity, racial and otherwise. I visited Prager in Los Angeles with no assurance I could quote him. He had agreed initially only to answer questions by email, but he said I could come see how he operates. He suggested I drop by his studio at 10 a.

Prager broadcasts weekdays from 9 a. Unlike, say, Limbaugh, his show No democrats or liberals conservative woman please guest-driven, but not all his guests are political.

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One December lineup featured former Trump surrogate Sebastian Gorka followed by a local rabbi. His ability to pivot—after an ad Houston cute teen for Blinds. Although he professes that our civilization is in imminent danger, Prager can be disdainful of big policy ideas, as if what matters most are small things, like a hug or a demicrats song.

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Estrin, similarly dressed, sits across from Prager, juggling production matters. The semiformality, combined with the simplicity of the messages, brings to mind a hangout session with Mr.

Rogers—albeit one with the remnants of a Brooklyn accent.

Green thought No democrats or liberals conservative woman please, with his knowledge and charm, would make a great host for Religion on the Linea show featuring conversations with different faith leaders.

Indeed, Prager was a hit, at one point garnering a 12 share—12 percent of all listeners in the market—in his Sunday time slot. Green was so impressed he gave Prager a daily show that was picked up nationally. Prager now broadcasts on KRLA and writes conservahive syndicated column.

They are an unlikely pair: Besides the occasional shared gig, they are co-producing a documentary about free speech on campus. Prager seems to think he has the soul of a hawkish Democrat from an era before Roe v.

No democrats or liberals conservative woman please I Am Look For Hookers

When a man could speak his mind without worrying about being politically correct, women expressed little need for feminism, and few people questioned the Judeo-Christian civic order. Prager will admit to having changed his mind on only one No democrats or liberals conservative woman please issue: In fact, his commitment to civility and reasoned discourse distinguishes him from other talk-radio hosts in tone and substance.

The billion views, the million Facebook uniques—what do these numbers mean? Most of us are fairly ignorant about most things, so what happens when our outlook on a subject is based largely on one slick, accessible video? The formula is simple enough—a broad range of presenters and topics, a consistent supply of new product, aggressive promotion—but Estrin thinks the real key is brevity.

Even the YouTube videos in the popular Crash Course series are 10 to 12 minutes— too long. And Estrin is surprised.

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No democrats or liberals conservative woman please I Ready Real Sex

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